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Charitable Projects

Jetsun Ma and her Bon root guru Lopon Ponlob Nyima Rinpoche, headmaster of the Dialectic School, Menri Monastery

Yuan Yuan Educational Foundation has a strong belief in generous giving and compassionate sharing. We will continue to dedicate ourselves, taking on projects that are geared toward the goal of bettering humanity and spreading world peace.

If you are interested in becoming involved in any of these projects, or contributing to a project financially, contact the office at [email protected] or call (650) 652-6588.







Our past and current ongoing projects include:

Courtyard Re-Paving Project at Lang Yi Monastery located in Amdo, Sichuan, China (New 2012 Project – Completed!)

With our $33,000 funding support, a new courtyard with red brick has replaced the old, rundown dirt courtyard.  The new courtyard is equipped with new lamp posts which offer adequate lighting for outdoor needs.  YYEF is elated to learn that the new courtyard has brought positive energy to the Bon monks during their debate practices, and it offers a healthier studying environment for the monks.  The monks are Geshe degree candidates enrolled at the Dialectic School of Lang Yi Monastery.

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Sponsor a Bon Monk’s Higher Education Project (ongoing)

Left: Jetsun Ma talked to monks being sponsored.

Right: Monks in higher education are engaging in debate.

Starting in 2003, Yuan Yuan Foundation has raised money, every year, to sponsor the education of Menri Monastery’s monks. The program began with the sponsoring of twenty-three monks in 2003, growing dramatically over the years. Since 2006, Yuan Yuan Educational Foundation has sponsored one hundred monks yearly. Donors give one dollar a day (for a total of $365 per year) to cover the cost of one monk’s annual expenses—including food, robes, medical needs, and educational supplies.

2013 Update: Our foundation is sponsoring 100 Bon monks currently enrolled at the Dialectic School of Menri Monastery located near Dolanji, India. Our funding support of $36,000 will again provide needed assistance with better food, monk’s robes, educational materials, and medical expenses to those monks during their educational pursuit of a Geshe degree in the year period of 2012-2013.  Sincere thanks to our donors’ generous giving, which has allowed YYEF to carry on this project, the “Sponsor A Bon Monk’s Higher Education” project, for the 10th year in succession!

Medical College of Soring Bumzhi Menri Ling

Jetsun Ma, Ms. Yung-Ling Chen and H. H. Menri Trizin Rinpoche conferred over the architectural design in December, 2010 at the Menri Monastery.

In 2008, Yuan Yuan Educational Foundation helped provide funding for a Bon Healing Center to be built, in conjunction with the Menri Monastery. Unfortunately, the site was washed away by monsoon rains during the initial phases of construction (2008). A second site was chosen in 2010, with the project becoming a seven-floor medical college named, “Medical College of Soring Bumzhi Menri Ling.” This college is designed to also work as an educational center, preserving and propagating ancient Tibetan medical practices. It will include a clinic, classrooms, dormitories for men and women, a kitchen, a doctor’s office, residences, and a prayer room—the Protector Deity Shrine.

Construction of Sowa Rigpa Medical Institute
Construction is progressing and the second floor is now complete.

A preliminary sketch of the Medical College of Soring Bumzhi Menri Ling was produced on site by Ms. Yung Ling Chen, a renowned Taiwanese architect and ardent supporter of Yuan Yuan Educational Foundation. She accompanied Jetsun Ma to Menri Monastery in 2008. With the funding support of one of Yuan Yuan Educational Foundation’s dearest friends and supporters, the college is still under construction, and is expected to be completed by 2013; however, addition donations will be needed to address all internal building needs (e.g., kitchen facilities, interior painting, dormitory & classroom furniture). Current estimates for the external construction alone are estimated to be $300,000.

2014 Update:  Our foundation’s funding support to construct a Tibetan Yongdrung Bon Medical college, the Medical College of Soring Bumzhi Menri Ling, at the Menri Monastery has made impressive progress.  The external structure of the college is now complete. We excitedly anticipate the completion of its internal construction work, including painting, equipment, furniture, etc.  Sincerely, we invite you to continue your support to this meaningful project with whatever donation you can give.

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There is still much work to be done which requires strong monetary support from you. Please contact YYEF Office via email at [email protected] or call at 650-652-6588.

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Yuan Yuan Educational Foundation’s involvement with Menri Monastery

Since 2000, Yuan Yuan Foundation has become closely involved with the Menri Monastery, located in India. We have sponsored many projects to help benefit the residents of Menri Monastery as well as aid their studies in the ancient Tibetan Bon religion. Several of these projects are ongoing.

Left: Bon children learn to use dental floss.
Right: Buddhist Canon-gifts for monastic library
    • In 2011, and through the generosity of an anonymous donor, $80,000 was donated to the Menri Monastery for their Stupa/Prayer Wheel Construction Project.
    • In 2010, YYEF provided 300 shirts for the Menri Monastery for the use of their nuns and young monks. Dr. Austin Chang—a dentist and friend of YYEF—and Bon monk sponsor, accompanied Jetsun Ma to Menri Monastery, India and gave informative talks to monks, nuns, and children regarding dental hygiene. Dr. Chang also trained a group of young adults in the provision of basic care to residents of Menri Monastery, also donating dental supplies.

Left: Dr. Austin Chang demonstrated dental care.
Right: Dr. Austin Chang and his newly trained dental care workers.
  • In 2008, YYEF helped an anonymous donor coordinate the donation of 121 volumes of Buddhist canon to the Yongdrung Bon Monastic Library at Menri Monastery. This project is ongoing.
  • In 2008, YYEF donated flashlights and shirts for monks and nuns in Menri Monastery. YYEF also brought educational supplies for the children at the Bon Children’s Center.
  • In 2004, YYEF brought shirts for monks, and educational supplies to the nuns and children of Menri Monastery.
  • In 2000, YYEF donated used clothing, shoes, and bags for young children at the Bon Children Center in Menri Monastery.

Qinghai Province Earthquake Relief Drive

In 2010, Yuan Yuan Foundation held a relief drive for earthquake victims in Qinghai Province, China. All funds raised were disbursed and sent to the Raymond Foundation, which provided stoves to victims in Yu-Shu, the town most affected by the earthquake. With more than 80% of homes destroyed and over 10,000 people left homeless, many survived the winter in tented communities, where these stoves were essential.

Typhoon Morakat Relief Drive

In 2009, Yuan Yuan Foundation held a relief drive for victims of Typhoon Morakat, in Taiwan. All funds raised were disbursed to the Chinese Culture Center of Taiwan.