Consultation Services

Yuan Yuan Educational Foundation offers feng shui consultations as well as private consultations, provided to you personally by Jetsun Darma Master Teacher Ho Lynn. To schedule a consultation appointment with Jetsun Ma, or for more information, please contact the Yuan Yuan Educational Foundation’s Office directly at (650) 652-6588
 or email [email protected].

Feng Shui Consultations

Feng Shui Consultation services include an onsite walk-through with Jetsun Ma for both private residences and corporate business buildings. The consultation may also be performed using a floor-plan analysis or blueprint analysis for clients outside of the local area. Feng shui recommendations are provided and ceremonial spiritual blessings, such as site purification, groundbreaking, and demolition services, can additionally be performed, when requested.

Ground Breaking Blessing Ritual

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Spiritual Consultations

Spiritual Consultation services are offered as one-on-one private meetings with Jetsun Ma Ho Lynn. The service provides individuals with transcendental problem solving solutions and spiritual guidance. The session is conducted skillfully and compassionately by Jetsun Ma in a private setting. Issues range from financial, health, family well-being, career development, children, interpersonal relationships, marriage, death, marriage, or issues pertaining to spiritual cultivation can be discussed as needed. Confidentially is strictly honored.

Pledge of Donation to Buddha Statues Project (供養佛像方案)

From 2013, we have started a new service project at Yuan Yuan Educational Foundation. The project is named “The Pledge of Donation to Buddha Statues Project”. Our intention is to offer our friends an additional special service filled with blessing to enhance the quality of living.
Our foundation acquired 40 Buddha statues of the ancient Tibetan Bon tradition from Nepal.  Twenty of these Buddha statues are Nampal Gyalwa Buddhas (The main manifestation of the Lord Tonpa Sherab Buddha, founding Buddha of the Bon religion) and the other 20 are Sherab Chamma Buddha( also known as the Loving Mother) statues.  New altar shelf was designed and built by volunteers to house them at Yuan Yuan Center’s shrine room.

These Buddha statues are now a permanent presence in our altar room.   Lama Youngtong Tenzin, YYEF’s in-residence Bon study program, along with Jetsun Ma completed a detailed process of consecration to empower the 40 statues by filling the inner hollow space of these statues with sacred prayer text, incense, sacred items, grain, and other symbolic elements (裝藏).  Together, they bestowed each Buddha with prayers and blessings in a sacred ceremony.  The consecration steps followed the Tibetan Yongdrung Bon tradition and aided by volunteers.

We were encouraged when all 40 Buddha statues were secured a pledge of donation quickly after the project was announced in February.  The overwhelming support has re-assured our Board that a decision to establish this unique project was a valuable addition to our existing service oriented programs.

From April, 2013.  Yuan Yuan Educational Foundation held an Empowerment Blessing program for the Buddha Statues’ pledgers and members.  That program served as a gateway to this new service project, and the Pledge of Donation to Buddha Statues Project officially became an on-going project of ours.  (Click on related photos displayed below for references)

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Every year before April, the pledge of donation to a Buddha statue can be renewed.  If you are interested in becoming a pledger, below are our guidelines.  Please contact our office to find out if a Buddha statue of your choice is available for the coming years.

1. Amount of pledge:  Annual pledge of $100 per Buddha statue
2. Duration of your pledge:  Annual, renewable if you wish to continue a pledge
3. Name associated to the Buddha statue can be your own name, or any other person’s name you wish to bless.
4. You can pledge your offering of donation to more than one Buddha.
5. Your donation check is payable to Yuan Yuan Educational Foundation, and an official acknowledgement will be issued to you.

Sherab Chamma


Nampa Gyalwa


Sherab Chamma or Loving Mother Buddha is one of the most prominent Buddha worshiped in the Bon tradition.  She is compassionate and wise.  She holds the infinite power to protect, love, and drive away 8 types of destructive calamities. If you wish for good health, good fortune, academic success, good marriage, longevity, or fertility…..she is the one to receive your prayers. Nampa Gyalwa Buddha is the most powerful manifestation of the Lord Tonpa Shenrab Buddha.  He possess the utmost power to fight off evils, uneventful occurrences, ill health, or Naga influences, and is considered more powerful than the Zambala Buddha (Wealth Diety) for a wish to gain financial blessings.