Speaking Engagements

Master Teacher Jetsun Darma Ho Lynn receives many invitations to lecture on a host of topics. Her engaging speaking style and distinguished expertise make a lasting impression on her audiences, both near and far.

Past themes include:

Spiritual Study
  • A Look into Chinese Lunar New Year from a Chinese Folk Custom and Tradition Perspective
  • The Current Zodiac Year (e.g., Pig, Tiger, Rabbit, etc.): forecast, expectations, and tips
  • Chi Analysis and Transcendental Solutions
  • Feng Shui Your Spring Garden
  • Feng Shui for a Healthy Body and Mind
  • The Art of Feng Shui
  • Feng Shui for Harmony
  • Interior Design with the Five Elements from the Chinese Folk Culture Perspective
  • Sell Your Listing Fast with Feng Shui
  • Feng Shui for Modern Day Living
  • Location! Location! Location! from the Feng Shui Perspective
  • Feng Shui for Real Estate Professionals
  • Building a Strong Foundation with Feng Shui
  • Feng Shui for Your Real Estate Success
  • Refining and Enhancing Your Feng Shui Practice through Spiritual Cultivation and Meditation of the BTB Tradition
  • All About Red String, Mirror, Crystal Ball, Wind Chime, Bamboo Flute, and Other Transcendental Objects: Mysteries, Functions, and Effective Applications Toward Feng Shui Practice
Jetsun Ma speaking at a public lecture

Jetsun Ma Ho Lynn is dedicated to sharing her extensive knowledge of Chinese folkloric traditions in an environment that nurtures and encourages the spiritual growth of her students. For 30+ years, she has lectured and presented seminars, also providing consultation services to top universities, major corporations, and community-level organizations. Contracts include: Stanford University, San Francisco State University, Brown University, MIT; Snaidero USA (NYC), R.M. Chin & Associates (Chicago), Trace Storage & Technology Company (Taiwan); Commonwealth Club (San Francisco), Friends of the Public Library (surrounding Bay Area locations); myriad real estate, architectural, and interior design companies; business associations; women and elderly community groups. Furthermore, Jetsun Ma accepts numerous speaking and teaching invitations from distinguished professional feng shui organizations, including the Feng Shui Academé of Seattle and the International Feng Shui Conferences. Currently, Master Teacher Jetsun Ma conducts classes, seminars, workshops, and private mentoring sessions pertaining to Life; Chinese folkloric culture, customs, traditions, philosophies, and beliefs; ch’i; and a practical approach to I-Ching, feng shui, spiritual cultivation, meditation, holistic healing, and other transcendental knowledge.

To invite Jetsun Ma Master Teacher Ho Lynn for talks, please contact YYEF office for Guidelines and scheduling.