Statement of Charter Principles

I. 尊師重道 To respect teachers and uphold their teachings by adhering to their lineage tradition.
II. 敬老尊賢 To honor the elderly and learn from those who are talented and virtuous.
III. 遵循大道 To follow the Law of Nature, the Tao, by generating a harmonious co-existence between Yin and Yang.
IV. 飲水思源 To value and acknowledge the origin of our existence—be it our life,our upbringing, our teachers, our cultural heritage or religion—much like remembering the source of water when drinking.
V. 博愛慈悲 To exhibit the utmost compassion in respecting differences in social status,gender, ethnicity, and educational background by following the examples of Buddha, God, or other enlightened spiritual beings.
VI. 無求佈施 To practice unconditional giving in every form. Giving is performed by teaching, by funding support, or by offering one’s talent to assist others without intent of selfish gain.
VII. 勤心修持 To promote spiritual cultivation experiences in order to encourage continued and diligent practice of virtuous conduct and peaceful mind.
VIII. 回饋社會 To give back to society by actively and positively undertaking civic and welfare work.
IX. 世界大同 To work toward global harmony by spreading these principles through our educational programs.